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Our favorite interior design trends of 2018

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Our favorite interior design trends of 2018 Credits: Veneer Designs

Check our six favorite interior design trends from this year! We hope that these decorating ideas inspire you in your search for your ideal home, property or office.

As we are fast approaching the end of 2018 (already, we know!), we thought it would be the perfect time to review and recap our six favorite interior design trends from this year. We hope that these decorating ideas inspire you in your search for your ideal home, property or office.


1. The return of black

Black has made a strong comeback in 2018 with many interior designers believing that it is taking over the interiors world. We are seeing black everywhere, from furniture to prints all the way to black walls, which would have been unthinkable just a few years back! The trend has caught on so well that we are even re-thinking the over 30-year-old unwritten rule that kitchens shouldn’t use dark colors.


Credits: Elle Decor

We love the color black and using it to give a room a stronger, more elegant feel, especially if coupled with gold colored items. It is also fantastic for creating contrast with light colors and light natural materials, such as marble, to really bring out their brightness and create a feeling of depth and space in a room. And speaking of kitchens, it’s great to use on higher usage items, such as kitchen fronts, chairs or walls, to hide blemishes and wear and tear.


2. Mixed materials and curved lines

Another huge change happening in interior design is that we are moving away from using boxy edges, clean lines and matching fabrics in upholstered goods. We are returning to the decorating trends of the 70’s and 80’s with the use of curves, soft and puffy cushioning, smooth edges and mixed fabrics in the same room. 


Credits: Tankó Lili Design

In our opinion, this change is just what we needed as we can finally say goodbye to the boxy (and often very uncomfortable) ultramodern style furniture and hello to soft, comfortable and homelier looking designs.


3. Bold wallpapers

It’s time to make a design statement with your walls – forget about plain white or cream walls!


Credits: DecorAid

We are seeing the return of bold, mesmerizing wallpapers especially in lounges, dining rooms and living rooms. A strong wallpaper really helps to create atmosphere and make your home feel more luxurious. It also helps to remove the need for artwork and wall décor, working best either on its own or with one or two statement pieces (i.e. wall lights, mirrors or paintings). If you are thinking about bold wallpapers, make sure to read the next three complementary trends carefully.


4. Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are yet another blast from the past. Few people know that this design trend originates far further back in time, all the way from the beautiful marble floors of the ancient Romans.


 Credits: Lorenzo Castillo

This type of pattern is very versatile and adds a touch of modern sophistication to any space, working great across a variety of furniture and fittings. We particularly like sideboards, coffee tables, lamps, rugs, wallpapers and accessories in this style.


5. Marble - back as the symbol of luxury in interiors

We are sure that by now you were expecting marble to be one of our favorite 2018 interior design trends just based on how well it integrates with the other trends we discussed so far!


Credits: Inspired Interiors

This timeless classic, also originating from ancient roman interior tastes, is an absolute classic when it comes to adding a splash of luxury and extravagance to a room. It comes in wide variety of colors and veining, making it very easy to incorporate into almost any space. Here at Tankó Lili Design, we enjoy coupling it with bold wallpapers, gold and brass, soft velvet upholstered furniture and wooden floors. If budget isn’t an issue, then we think marble is an amazing material for floors, bathroom tiles and kitchen counter tops, really injecting a sense of lavishness and beauty to a property.


6. Bringing nature and earthy colors into your home

Building on the return of marble comes the wider trend of using natural materials and earthy colors in interiors. Some of the most popular materials right now are hardwood, leather, stone and furs; whilst some of trendiest natural colors are greige (a mixture of gray and beige), green and soft browns.


Credits: DecorAid

The beauty of this trend is that we can let nature guide us on how to best combine materials and colors to create warm, comfortable interiors. One word of advice with green, a color that you wouldn’t often think of when decorating, is that you can use it to make a space feel calm and fresh with indoor plants, succulents and botanical prints. This idea is well suited for rooms that have dark colors, wooden furniture or floors, leather sofas and chairs, metallic accents and/or many natural materials.


If you have fallen in love with one or more of these design trends, please drop us a message here or give us a call on +36205323838 to see how we can help you adapt your favorite trend to your specific needs and property. We are happy to help you across the entire design process or just on a few steps with our expert advice and connections with suppliers.

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